Winter Storage

Preparing your Porsche, Bmw, Audi or VW for winter storage will make starting it up in the spring a painless process.

Ask your German Autotech mechanic for information on fuel stabilizers, oils and filters which are recommended for your car.

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How to prepare your Automobile for Winter Storage

Change the Oil and Filter: Changing the oil and filter before storage helps remove contaminants and moisture from the engine, instead of having it sit in the engine over winter.
Fill it Up: Fill up your vehicle with fuel to reduce the amount of air space in the fuel tank. Oxygen and moisture breaks down gasoline over time.
Stabilize Gas: Add fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas according to directions in order to keep the gas from deteriorating over time.
Wash & Wax: Washing and waxing your car will remove any contaminants on the paint, body and wheels. Take it for one last drive to help dry the car.
Cover It: Use a quality car cover to protect the paint and finish from children and falling objects.
Tires: Fill your tires with approximately 50 psi to reduce the chances of flat-spotting. Tires have a tendancy to flat-spot when stored for long periods.
Battery: There are several ways to keep your battery charged over the winter. You can use a battery tender that plugs into the lighter, a battery trickle charger with timer clamped directly to the battery. You may need to remove the interior hood light if you cannot close the hood, otherwise the light will stay on. Remove the battery from your car and store it in your house, charging it occasionally. Do not fully close your hood in case your vehicle requires electricity to open it. You will also need to decode your radio.
Rodents: Keep mice out of your car by using Bounce fabric softener sheets. Leave a few in the car and near vents.
Under Pad: Park your car on an old piece of carpet or cardboard, this isolates the car from direct contact with cold and moisture.